Monday, October 30, 2006

But Once A Year Does It Pass

For an epicurean undertaking as complex as the state fair, I needed to prepare a checklist. My record of completion and comments below.

þ Indian fry bread with beans and cheese. This is my state fair tradition. I can't recall a time when we went to the fair and I didn't get a Navajo taco.
þ Funnel cake with strawberries. Had a few bites of this. Perfectly crispy and delicious. Makes me want to sell the house, buy an RV, a funnel cake machine, and roam the country with my carny bretheren.
Fresh roasted corn on the cob. Mmmmm, corn.
Deep fried Snickers. This was my first sampling of the deep fried sweet craze. I have to admit, although tasty, I would not order it again.
Fried zuchini, onion rings, mushrooms, and artichokes. I mistakenly ordered this veggie platter from a place serving fish. The vegetables were big and fresh, but the batter was flavorless and non-descript. As Robyn would say, "You didn't like it because the vegetable-to-batter ratio was too high." Indeed.
Deep fried Coke. I expected this. What I got was something that looked like a soggy corndog and tasted like warm, flat Coke.
Deep fried cookie dough. After three offerings, I've decided I don't like the fried sweets. I like my fried salty, meaty, and on a stick. Preferably of the pork variety.
þ Spicy cajun corndog. There is nothing like a true state fair corndog. A foot of some sort of spicy meat, dipped in corny batter, and served on its own souvenir stick.
Polish sausage corndog. This needs some explaining. I wanted the cajun 'dog because I wanted the true creole experience. I had not finished turning the stick horizontally to gnaw
the last batter remnants, when across the fairway I did spy the elusive Polish sausage corndog. Back to back 'dogs? Could it be done? I sidled up to the counter, slapped down my fin, and asked for a Polish. The carny looked right at me and asked incredulously, "Didn't you just eat one?" Yes I did, brother. Yes I did. This is a true story.

Frozen banana. The crown jewel of stick-based cuisine. God's perfect fruit made even more perfect through the magic of refrigeration, chocolate, and of course, the stick.
Grilled turkey leg. The line was too long. I'll catch you at Thanksgiving, Mr. Turkey.

Until next year, I leave you with these words of gratitude from Homer Simpson.

"He's not just some guy, Marge. He's a Carny and part of a noble tradition. Carnies built this country--the carnival part of it anyway--and though they may be rat-like in appearance, they are truly kings among men."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Wild Parakeets Of The Golden Horseshoe

I finally got a shot of the wild 'keets socializing in our tree. Apparently the rest of the world calls them budgies.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not In My Backyard (But I Wish They Were)

These friendly little piglets are javelinas. The little pellets are pieces of dog food on which they love to snack. The babies are two days old. These collared peccaries are wild and free roaming. Pictures courtesy of a guy at my work, taken looking out on his 10 acre spread in New River.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Wish It Was Waterworld

Name this movie storyline.

Kevin Costner stars as a washed up pro who is too old to get back into the game. He struggles with reconciling his past success with his current role as a mentor in a training environment. The only connection to his storied past are the dreams of a brash young talent. But he finds that much has changed in the passing of the torch to the new generation.

If you said Bull Durham, I'd say you just got punk'd. If you said The Guardian, I'd say, why do you know the plot of this hackneyed mush? Did you actually watch it?